Christmas Dice Recipe

Dice are one of life’s simple pleasures. For less than the cost of many other much-worse-for-you vices you can get a set of dice in just about any color. You also always need another set of dice no matter how many you have. I recently published a Christmas themed one shot adventure called, “A Christmas One Shot: Marley’s Scrooge Case” (go buy it!). That got me thinking about holiday themed dice.

A quick trip to Vault of Midnight—the earth’s finest game store—and I had my ingredients.

What follows is a simple “recipe” for Christmas Dice:

Christmas Dice


15-30 minutes


3 cheery dice sets.


Our dice ingredients

Chessex numbers for reference


Dump them all out and start making pools: your d20 determines your starting color. Then pick another color for your d12 and the third for your d10. Then start back at the top and keep going until you have three piles.
That’s it!

Pop them back in the plastic cases and hand them out the next time you play, or give them out as gifts.

Mixed sets!