Hello, I’m so happy you are here!

Latest Blog Posts

  • Small Box For Beach Treasures
    On Friday we went to the beach in Port Huron, MI and my daughter collected rocks and shells. The rest of the weekend I worked on making a small box […]
  • A pile of knives
    Our previous methodology of storing our knives was a pile in one of the drawers. In a nod to safety we had a scrap piece of wood in there as […]
  • Front Garden
    We had A2 Garden Guides design and landscape our front yard and it looks SO much better! Super happy with it: And here’s the map they drew for us of […]
  • Salzbaby.live Updater
    Years ago when my daughter was born I put together a website/app thingy to help us keep people updated on the progress of her coming into the world. The idea […]
  • Caspian Orion Salzman
    Our son was born on May 27th 2020 at 7:17am. He was 21.25” long and 8lbs 12oz. I told him this when he was born. Perhaps this is too much […]
  • 2×4 Bench, Rustic Strength
    Finally finished this bench I’d been slowly working on. This was the second attempt at a similar design. Both found homes with friends. The first one will live near a […]

Wait, Who Are You?

I’m Chris, a programmer and designer living in Ann Arbor. My goal is to help people find joy, order, and beauty through technology. This manifests itself in deeply held convictions about URLs and user interfaces (I’m a hit at parties).

I work for NewFoundry as a Software Engineer. Our team of strategists, designers, and engineers work closely together to help our clients succeed. It’s a stellar team that does high quality work and I’m lucky to be a part of it.

Before NewFoundry I used to make websites for small law firms with The Modern Firm. While there I was the Creative Director and Web Architect and I’m extraordinarily proud of how we solved our client’s marketing needs. If you’re a lawyer looking to grow your business you should contact them and take all of their advice.

I’m also a cofounder of Scope Creep Studios, an independent videogame studio. We make simple and approachable games that make you think. I help out there with development (primarily in C#) and design.

In another life I did photography work under the auspices of Yes! Photo with my wonderful wife, Betsy. We now mostly stick to Instagram and occasional fun photo shoots. If you’re looking for a photographer in the area reach out to me for a recommendation.

I also used to be a maintainer at Workantile, a coworking community in downtown Ann Arbor. If you’re looking for a way to get out of your home office or a coffeeshop you should check them out. It’s a wonderful community.

In the digital world, I’m active on the local Ann Arbor and Ypsi mastodon instance. You can also email me at my first initial and last name at gmail.

Read my full C.V.

Highlighted Projects

In 2019 I started a podcast with Andy Rau called Roll For Topic. Each week we talk about a topic chosen by rolling on our d10 table of topics.

In mid-2018 I edited and published the Ypsi-Arbor Gazette D&D Gazette.

In December 2018 I published A Christmas One Shot: Marley’s Scrooge Case.