Bug Drop! Ad Findings

After releasing Bug Drop!, my collaborator, Steve, started to get curious about running ads for it using Apple’s ad platform. He decided to give it a shot because it wasn’t that expensive and, hey, if it works that means more people get to experience the game! So he fired up a few ad types. CPM […]

Bug Drop! is Live on iOS

Go buy and download Bug Drop on iOS! We have a special launch price of $2 and it’ll go up to $3 later. Steve Kemsley and I just published our latest game for the iPhone! It’s about a parachuting bug and is called Bug Drop! It’s a lot of fun. If you like platformers and […]

Exterior House Colors

In the summer of 2021 we had the exterior of our house painted by a friend. This post serves mostly as a reference for ourselves about the colors we used. At some point we’re going to redo the roof too to really complete the look. Front of the House Closeup of colors in context Paint […]

Display Case for Science Bee

My wife does craft shows as the Science Bee and she needed a larger display case for her table. This absolute unit is two 2’x4’ pegbaord panels on a hinge: Here it is closed up. You can see the handles on the top that make moving it around much easier: And here it is in […]

Dice Tower

This year my podcast, Roll for Topic, held its first convention. For one of the door prizes I made a dice tower reusing some ash flooring that a friend had gifted me. Here’s the finished piece: I’m very happy with out it turned out. The brass discs on the outside are for the internal pins […]

Twice Reclaimed Ash Box

A while back, a friend had an ash tree from their yard milled into floorboards. Those then those sat in storage until they moved and he donated the lot of them to me. As a thank you gift I made this small box for him: I tried to keep details from the floorboards intact. The […]

Happy Holidays!

In lieu of physical cards this year I spent way too long putting together a digital version that has a few jokes that made us laugh: 2020 Salzman Holiday Card I really do want you to have a happy last few weeks of the year. If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! And here’s to a […]

Two cutting boards

Selling these two cutting boards for $50 each. Both are finished with a mineral oil and beeswax blend. This one is oak, black walnut, and elm. Approximately 9.5″ by 12.5″ by 5/8″: And this one is elm and a very pale black walnut. 9.5″ by 13″ by 5/8″. A small knot was filled in with […]