Let’s Encrypt SSL Certs on Namecheap

I’ve been very happy with my move to Namecheap for hosting. The only downside so far has been their SSL certs. They don’t support Let’s Encrypt in their cpanel and instead make you pay for certs. The first year, however, is free! Well, it’s been about a year and I started to get emails about […]

DuPage County Hardcore

There was a surprisingly robust hardcore music scene in the extremely suburban county I grew up in. I was never fully in that world for a lot of reasons; however, I hung out on the periphery and have a fondness for it. Recently I ran across the work by Dave Hofer to digitize the music […]

A Stand for a Card and a Deck

Made this stand to display a single card from the Inquire Within Oracle Deck. There’s a slot to hold the deck in its box and a slot to hold the card. My wife puts a card out every once in a while and this one hit me hard. I have not been woodworking much lately […]

Bug Drop! Ad Findings

After releasing Bug Drop!, my collaborator, Steve, started to get curious about running ads for it using Apple’s ad platform. He decided to give it a shot because it wasn’t that expensive and, hey, if it works that means more people get to experience the game! So he fired up a few ad types. CPM […]