Happy Holidays!

In lieu of physical cards this year I spent way too long putting together a digital version that has a few jokes that made us laugh:

2020 Salzman Holiday Card

I really do want you to have a happy last few weeks of the year. If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas! And here’s to a happy new year 🙂

Nerd stuff

There’s a github repo if you really want to delve into it. There’s not a lot there that you can’t envision from what you’re seeing on the site. It’s not meant to be open sourced, it’s not meant to be more than what it is. Robin Sloan’s idea of apps being home cooked meals applies here. I honestly wouldn’t have put it on github normally. Github pages required it though.

The highlights are:

  • React. I don’t really need React for this. It’s overkill; however, it’s what I use at work so I reached for it. In the future I’ll probably use Preact.
  • Tailwind for styling. Again, we’re using this at work and I’m a huge fan. Once you get used to the syntax it’s fast to use and powerful.
  • Using github pages to handle serving the file. This is the first time I’ve used that and was surprised at how easy it was to get going.
  • The “Too Cool” shades is just a png the same size as the jpg family photo. It’s such a simple trick. When I was looking around for ways to approach this I ran across this method and was amused at how simple of an idea it is and how well it works.
  • Depending on your combination of buttons the fonts change and that delights me to no end. No one else will notice this. Sometimes you do things for you though.