The Curse of Getting a Good Gmail Address

Republished from the May 7th 2018 Newsletter.

I have the gmail address for my first initial and last name. This is really easy to remember, easy to tell people about, and for some reason every other C Salzman in the world uses it when they sign up for stuff. The latest was getting Clay’s travel itinerary:

“I hope Clay Salzman didn’t need this itinerary email from his airline. He sure did send it to me and not him.”

I’ve gotten a lot of receipts for various things over the years. At one point I was getting emails in Spanish being sent to Carlos, who is apparently a businessperson of some sort. One time I got biopsy results for someone that I hastily replied back that they weren’t for me and deleted without looking at.

If you have a similar situation I’d love to hear about it. Emails you have received but really shouldn’t are my favorite genre of weird emails stories.

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