Ypsi-Arbor D&D Gazette: Follow Up

We’ve officially crossed over a threshold in which there are subscribers to the Gazette that I don’t recognize by their email addresses. That’s an incredible thing, and also a bit scary!

A few submissions have trickled in as well and they have exceeded expectations. Send yours in too! I promise it’s good enough.

Read more about it on the original post, or sign up to get this thing:

More ideas for submissions:

  • Contextless notes from your last session
  • Description of how your character casts their spells
  • Late Winter fashion for the discerning elf that finds itself shivering and/or sweating in Southeastern Michigan

The sky is the limit! Submit here by emailing me at csalzman@gmail.com

Ypsi-Arbor D&D Gazette: A Zine

TL;DR: The Ypsi-Arbor D&D Gazette is a zine for empherma, stories, art, and other whatnot from the tables of Dungeons & Dragons players in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and surrounding cities.

You can sign up to hear more about it and get a digital copy when it comes out in April here:

Or, email your submissions to csalzman@gmail.com with the subject line “Ypsi-Arbor D&D Gazette”.

What a terrible idea

I know, right?

This started out as a joke between me and @mollerwa a few months ago:

David Moll on Twitter: “I am intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.… “

And the idea wouldn’t go away so I asked about it on twitter and the tweet got more likes and retweets than expected, so here we are.

Never joke on twitter, kids.

Okay, but really, why are you doing this?

Every time I bring up D&D in polite conversation I’m surprised to learn just how many people have played or are currently playing or REALLY want to be playing. That’s a lovely thing and should be celebrated because–oh my goodness!–have you seen the world lately? Exuberance over something as small as a locality’s tabletop gaming scene is perhaps the least we can do to bring a small amount of joy to the world.

I’m acting as editor, which means that I have volunteered to do the work of sifting through submissions and laying it out and making a PDF accessible. I need you to do one or both of the following:

  • Sign up to read the thing
  • Submit to the thing

Sign Up to Read the Thing

I’m aiming for a free PDF. If you really want a paper copy you may print and staple it yourself! Here’s that signup form again:

Submit to the Thing

One to two page somethings that are D&D related and from people in or around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti:

  • Your very cool character
  • Shoutouts to your DM
  • Very good NPCs who everyone loves or hates
  • Combat stories of astounding bravery or astonishing cowardice
  • Doodles of your character
  • Art of your favorite weapon
  • Really good one-liners from your last session
  • DM tips – care and feeding of players
  • Player Tips – care and feeding of DMs
  • Magical items that you dearly love
  • Recipes for easy-to-eat-at-the-table snacks
  • Pictures of your dice: the lucky ones, the unlucky ones, and/or the very pretty ones
  • Small dungeons filled with horrifying secrets

Or: surprise me! For I am a simple human who cannot categorize your contribution to this thing in a bullet pointed list.

Please, send in anything you have that you think would be fun to include. I have no idea what will come of this, but I do know it’s worth trying. Email your submissions to csalzman@gmail.com with the subject line “Ypsi-Arbor D&D Gazette”. Please include how you’d like your name displayed (anonymous, initials, full name, character name, whatever) if you are chosen for inclusion.

Cut off is March 31st. Aiming for an April 30th release.


What if I live in LOCATION X?

Look, if you have a thin connection to the area I’m not going to police some arbitrary geographic boundary. Trust your heart.

What about GAME Y?

Lie and tell me it’s for your D&D campaign.