Upgrading the Site to use CSS Grid

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about how amazing CSS Grid is and how I think it’s the future. And then proceeded to not actually update my personal site to use CSS Grid for 3 months.

I finally got to working on that a few weeks ago, then ran into hugo version issues, then got those sorted out, and now here we are: the site’s now using grid and all is right in the world.

The actual conversion itself was pretty easy to do and it was very refreshing to flat out replace many lines of boilerplate divs with semantic tags. The source for each post is much cleaner than it was previously and is something you can follow.

I, of course, coupled the grid changes with a full rewrite of the site’s styles and other template changes. Other parts of the site are likely broken, but what’s the fun of a personal non-commercial site without a few lingering bugs?

Now that the basics are working I’m excited to slowly, over the course of many years, add in features and tweak it. Grid is good.