My wife and I are opening up a few spots over the next month for corporate headshots in or around Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Generally speaking this is for those of you who need to update the headshot on your website, your social media profiles, your business cards, or to have a photo on hand for any upcoming presentations or publications.

You can see a portfolio of our work over at our website.

Why You?

What we think we bring to the table is a focus on kindness. When someone sees this photo of you they should get a sense of you. We don’t prescribe you wear certain clothes, or that we do your headshots in a specific place. We’ll work with you to find a good natural pose, but you should be you and sometimes that means we won’t clean up your desk (entirely), or we might go outside because outside is where you feel more alive.

We’re not going to do crossed arms.

We’re not going to do angry looks (although we might for fun).

Gently put, if you need to be intense or intimidating we’re not the right photographers for you.

Money Stuff

We’re not the cheapest photographers (nor the most expensive) and we’re wholly comfortable with that. Our rate these days for one location and one person starts around $225 and goes up from there (rarely down, but let’s talk if you’re working for a non-profit).

Where does that money go though?

There’s a lot that goes into a good headshot and only a small fraction of it happens during the shoot itself. What you usually don’t see is all the work before we take the photos and all the work after we take the photos. There’s packing and setup and travel, then the shoot, then the hours spent afterwards managing files, deleting the bad ones, obsessing over the good, and generally making it as easy as possible for you to be very happy with the results.


All that to say, let’s talk. Send Chris an email or find us in person! If we’re not the right fit we’re extremely happy to point you in the direction of any of the other amazing photographers around Ann Arbor.

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