Marking Knife

Made a marking knife! Not pictured was pretending to be a blacksmith with a propane torch. The blade was shaped from a used jigsaw blade following the instructions on the Lost Art Press Blog. Walnut and cherry from Urbanwood. Epoxy to connect it all up and finished with shellac. It ain’t perfect. It’s serviceable though! […]

Kitchen Shelves

Our kitchen peninsula was in dire need of some organization. We also had a blank wall directly above it so…shelves! All of the wood for this project came from Workantile’s storage room: pine slats from someone’s old ikea bed and shelves made from the Baltic birch plywood from an old phone booth project. The screws […]

Remote Caddy

Made a little caddy for our remotes. The hope is this cuts down on the number of times we have to ask where the Roku remote went. Mitered the edges and reinforced with splines for rigidity and class. Pine reclaimed from the Workantile storage room and walnut from Urbanwood. Finished with shellac.

Try Square

Made a try square based on plans from Rex Kruger. Shockingly, it’s pretty and pretty square! Walnut and cherry from Urbanwood. Aluminum rod for the pins from Home Depot, who looked at me like I was off my rocker for wanting brass rod. Epoxy to hold in the pins. Finished with shellac.