you sent me on a JOURNEY without knowing it. Had to track down a few extremely emo bands I used to go see in concert a lot these guys ruled: Away With Vega Away With Vega was kinda like being at a birthday party with your birthday friends singing birthday songs then the birthday dude blows out the birthday candles then finally the consumption of the birthday cake. 2003 - 2008 a lot of them were on this label focused on the indie/emo scene in Indiana on this label:

100%. indiana around then had a very specific take on it too. not sure how much it differed from michigan

this is a good mix of music from that scene on XRA. talk about a hyperspecific mix:

I grew up in the suburbs in illinois. a lot of hardcore basement shows. there was one band that made it big out of there.. “big” ah, yeah, spitalfield: so many accusations of them selling out by signing to victory…laughable now but SO serious in high school (edited)